Brent Underwood & The Half Hour Intern saved my flight


So, my Virgin America flight to L.A. wasn’t so bad since I spent my times listening to this great podcast; The Half Hour Intern – the podcast is about people that do extraordinary things, like you! in all honesty, if you are doing something worth talking about (which YOU ARE!) you can submit yourself :

In a nutshell, cuz I really want you to listen to it – the host is Blake Fletcher, he’s a millennial, and he’s an informationaholic! He has great questions, and Brent Underwood in episode #73, has really clever, interesting, out-of-the-building thinking! This one happens to relate to music (musician Young & Sick – check him out right under the podcast) – so Brent, congrats. You made it to my blog. Blake, you too.


Young & Sick


Great Business Lessons from Brent:

The 8 Unexpected Rules Of Business That No One Teaches But Everyone Should Know