Unconventional Song, Toy – wins Eurovision, with Middle-Eastern Flare

“The Barbie got something to say,” Says Netta Barzilai, building up to the Eurovision-conquering chorus of her catchy pop song “Toy.” At 25, with 35 Million views, Netta is telling a “stupid boy” that is not a toy and she is taking her Pikachu home.

Official Images of Netta for the Eurovision. Credit: http://www.formulatv.com/noticias/77742/israel-parte-favorita-ganar-eurovision-2018-publicacion-cancion/

The song contains many hidden meanings, but it is clearly about one bigger meaning: #MeToo. Sexual harassment has only recently become a real conversation, and finally, women are allowed to proclaim that they feel uncomfortable, offended or violated, out loud.

There have been numerous “singled-out” stories in the past decades, about sexual harassment claims involving actors, producers and politicians – but these seemed to be strays, obnoxious men, criminals at heart. Roman Polanskys.

In reality, we discovered, with the help of women like Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Aly Raisman that it is a wide-spears phenomenon and it needs to be stopped. Just like the women are not sitting at home and keeping their mouths shut like in the 50s, women are not accepting harassment as mundane anymore. We are allowed to speak up now against ANYTHING and not be labeled as crazy.

And from the 50s and until now, Netta is our latest PSA – we stand as women of all beauty standards, all religions and nationalities, and tell them stupid boys that we are not having it.

If he tries anything, “he’s about to regret.”

The song was written by song writer genius, Doron Medalie, who also wrote 2015’s Eurovision entry “Golden Boy” and many other hits in the Israeli Top-40 charts.

With a Middle-Eastern rhythm, using a Darbuka drum and a tambourine, as well as Oud-like sounds and a distinct bass drum – with Netta’s powerhouse vocals, this song is the beginning of a world-wide trend, she’s gonna make you watch her!


Kudos for winning number one in this year’s Eurovision! Wonder Woman. Just like in your song.


Brent Underwood & The Half Hour Intern saved my flight


So, my Virgin America flight to L.A. wasn’t so bad since I spent my times listening to this great podcast; The Half Hour Intern – the podcast is about people that do extraordinary things, like you! in all honesty, if you are doing something worth talking about (which YOU ARE!) you can submit yourself :


In a nutshell, cuz I really want you to listen to it – the host is Blake Fletcher, he’s a millennial, and he’s an informationaholic! He has great questions, and Brent Underwood in episode #73, has really clever, interesting, out-of-the-building thinking! This one happens to relate to music (musician Young & Sick – check him out right under the podcast) – so Brent, congrats. You made it to my blog. Blake, you too.


Young & Sick


Great Business Lessons from Brent:

The 8 Unexpected Rules Of Business That No One Teaches But Everyone Should Know